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For centuries, farmers have walked their fields monitoring the health of their crops. It is a time-consuming process and not always the most effective.

But this is changing....

Agriculture drones are becoming a key driver to helping farmers increase crop production, monitor and inspect crop growth, build a richer picture of their fields, improve farming efficiency, and maximize outputs.

Irrigated Row Crop Operations

Our licensed and certified application services contractors will leverage crop and field data established by your agricultural data platforms. From there, we can deliver inputs precisely when and where they are needed. Whether the need is liquid or dry applications, we will have it covered. AAS will Fly & Apply everything from pesticides to micronutrients, as well as inter-seed cover crop seeds, and even deploy beneficial insects.

Dryland Crop Operations

Ideal for both flat land areas and unfavorable terrain, hard-to-access areas, test plots, field edges or anywhere else precision application methods are needed, AAS will deliver timely application even after adverse weather conditions. Drones eliminate soil compaction, crop damage and wasted product - keeping costs down and improving profitability opportunities.

Orchard & Vineyard Operations

AAS technology can be used for virtually any crop, and is particularly favorable for high-value, low-acre specialty crops, such as orchards, berries and vineyards. Spot spraying, site specific applications, and hard to access areas are an excellent way to utilize drone applications for high-acre, commodity crops. We also specialize in moisture abatement (also known as "blowing the water off") for your high value crops .

Public Service Districts

We partner with agencies such as irrigation and mosquito districts on a local and state basis to provide services that benefit the communities they serve. Working with the requirements and guidelines that federal agencies work under is our specialty.

Private Industry

Drones can play a key role in the crop insurance industry, at both the pre-and-post-claim stage. Using a drone helps for site inspection, claims decisions, fraud prevention, and risk management.

We also work with the renewable energy industry doing inspections on wind turbines, solar farms, and pipelines.

Local, State & Federal Agencies

We partner with governmental agencies on a local, state and federal basis to provide services that benefit the communities they serve. Working with the requirements and guidelines that these agencies work under is our specialty.



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With our deep roots and understanding of Agriculture and Agribusiness in Washington and Oregon, we recognize that good customer service adds value to your bottom line and is just as important as the results we can provide! Knowing you are in good hands with AAS as your service provider is our goal!

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We take great pride in our commitment to excellence and quality. Our dedication to delivering the best services is backed by a range of industry certifications. These certifications validate our expertise and ensure that we meet the highest standards in the field of agricultural services. We continuously strive to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients, and our certifications reflect our unwavering commitment to your success.

EDWOSB Certified

FAA Part 137 Certified

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